Oldtimer Budapest Programcentrum

Rendezvények, örömautózás, élmény transzferek oldtimer autóval

2024. 6. 14, péntek - Ma Vazul napja van.

Who would not have learned about Al Capone – the No1 public enemy?
Who would not have seen the movies made about him?
Who would not have had secret desires to experience his lavish life?

Why would not you have a try – how it is to use a limousine of his time – to use the weapons of his age and than to get some cigars and the best whiskeys…?

Picking up by a varnish black oldtimer luxus limousine (Citroen Traction Avant: model of the 30’s) driven by a private driver (from your workplace, after the working hours). Adventure transfer with making some stir on the streets of Budapest – in the crossfire of surprised glances of peole – meanwhile arriving to the spot (Budakeszi Shooting Range)
Welcome drink (this time with no alcohol) beer than „briefing by the boss” (short safety training.) Those who cannot shot will be trained – those who can will be tested!

Reviewing and picking the weapons according to personal style: Smith & Wesson pistols (.38’; .357’; .44’) and semi automatics: Glock 17, Sig-Sauer Pro, Jericho 941FB – depending how the guests like.
After selection the shooting starts – we put to the test „what these metals are able” to perform. Let’s destroy everithing we face with…! Telephone directory, beer cans, target, anatomy target.
When we already know how these weapons work, let’s see who the real „Thunderbolt hands Joe” is (rapid shooting: shooting a short range assailant anatomy target – launched by whistle, measured by IPSC ticker: 1/100 sec accuracy – only the real hits and time is matter.)
Let’s see who the real „Cold blood precise marksman” (Target shooting from 25 meters).
Those who feel like it –have a chance to compete – with the „boss” (shooting range trainer) just right there…because it is easy just to talk…but the bullet holes on the target paper and the time values are the real testomonies!

When we have destroyed everything it is time to leave the weapons. Sitting in the mist of cigars and drinking some whiskey we evaulate the results – and assort what do do during the next action scene…
We do not leave evidences behind us: we take away the targets (as a memory) – and the private driver gives us a lift by the limousine to our home doorsteps.

Size: 4 persons (max. 2 X 4 persons)
Time: by reservation
Location: Budakeszi Shooting Range (Budakeszi Lőtér)
Duration: 4 hours + transfer (length of transfer depend ont he number of participants)

Price of the programme includes:

  • Oldtimer transfer to / from Budakeszi Shooting Range, driven by a private driver (from an assigned location)
  • Shooting range charges (charges of shooting trainers time, eye and ear gears)
  •  Weapon charges (all of the applied weapons)
  • Bullet charges (100 – 100 bullets/ person)
  • Destroyed targets charges
  • Welcome drink (non alcoholic beer)
  • Refreshments and „falatka” /tiny sandwich/
  • 1 cigar / person
  •  glass of whiskey / person
  • Photo documentation of the event (made by a professional animator) on a CD
  • All legal and professional licences and garantees of the event (licenced shooting master)


  • 2 participants – but just 1 person shooting: 72.000,-HUF
  • 2 participants – 2 persons shooting: 84.000,-HUF
  • 3 participants – 3 persons shooting: 96.000,-HUF
  • 4 participants – 4 persons shooting: 108.000,-HUF

ATTENTION: The description of program contains elements of gangster life style and language. However the main and sole goal of the project is to promote the dynamic branch of sport shooting.