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2024. 6. 14, péntek - Ma Vazul napja van.

Budapest – Classic Sightseeing with an old-timer

Budapest – the Paris of eastern Europe- with it’s big avenues, eclectic buildings and cafés, offers both the romance that could have been experienced in the middle of the 20th century and a colourful modern city life. Enjoy all this like a true aristocrat in an old-timer car with a private driver.

Car: 1954 Citroen Traction Avant, piano black-chrome.
Staff: 1 driver
Departure: Hotel reception
Date: Prearranged
Duration:1,5-2 hours
Number of Passengers: 1-4 persons. The car is a big limousine, comfortable for the driver and 4 passengers.
Route: : Hotel reception-Oktogon sq.-Andrássy av.-Hősök sq.-Oktogon sq.-Nagykörút-Nyugati sq.-Bajcsy av.-Parliament-Lánchíd br.-Hotel reception

Just a driver without guidance: 100 EUR /Car (1-4 Persons)

Optional english driver-guide: 20.-EUR /car